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Seminar Date & Time:

Sunday, June 8th, 2025, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Duration: 7 Hours

Course Description:

  • Periodontics for the General Dentist
    Periodontitis is an extremely complex inflammatory disease, in certain cases
    if detected early it can be reversible if no bone destruction occurs and leading to
    retention of teeth. However, managing periodontal patients can be a rewarding and
    frustrating process for both patient and providers
    due to numerous systemic and
    anatomical factors that can serve as significant risk factors in preventing an ideal
    outcome. If patients are not educated or are unaware of why they are more at risk
    for periodontitis, the patient is continually receiving treatment that is not
    identifying the etiology of their condition. This is extremely important in areas
    where any removable or fixed prosthesis is treatment planned with the possible
    usage of implant therapy due to the concern of recurrence of periodontal disease.
    Topics that will the covered include
    1. Being able to understand the importance of non-surgical & surgical therapy
    2. Understanding what key anatomical contributing factors can lead to
    periodontitis, and how to rectify these issues
    3. Understanding the difference between resection and regeneration in regards to
    periodontal therapy
    4. The important relationship between restorative and periodontal therapy, and how
    both entities are intertwined
    5. When should we try to save or extract teeth, and the practicality or periodontal
    6. Importance of identifying soft tissue lesions and the need for biopsies
    7. When to refer to a specialist, or is maintenance sufficient for a patient with
     Hardev M. Singh DMD, MS
    Dr. Singh was awarded his dental degree from the University of Pittsburgh,
    School of Dental Medicine, while being a dental student he was awarded the
    Health Professional Scholarship Program (HPSP) from the United States Army. As
    a commissioned dental officer, he was awarded the Army Service Ribbon, Global
    War on Terrorism Service Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal. After
    serving the Army, Dr. Singh was an Associate Professor at Western University
    providing clinical dental care with a focus on complex exodontia and pre-
    prosthetic surgery.
    While working in academia he was the owner of a dental practice, however
    his passion to continue to advance himself led him to become a Periodontic
    resident at the prestigious Loma Linda University with the focus on advanced
    periodontal surgery and implant therapy. At Loma Linda he graduated as chief
    resident and received training from worldwide clinicians. He still holds his
    academic appointment at Western University as an adjunct faculty. One of the
    components of his residency training was not only the surgical aspect, but also the
    importance of non-surgical therapy that is extremely critical in periodontitis
    At this time, he is a Board-Certified Periodontist who works with various
    offices in providing periodontal therapy and implant treatment, but also believes in
    educating and training all patients on the prevention of periodontitis. Dr Singh is
    currently an adjunct faculty at Western University and has numerous publications
    while collaborating with other clinicians